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Tribulus Terrestris Herb - Puncture Vine

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Tribulus Terrestris General Information
Tribulus terrestris is a plant that flourishes in many tropical to moderate areas of the world. Traditionally, Tribulus terrestris is known as a mood-enhancing smoke, tea, or decoction. Ancient Greeks used Tribulus terrestris as a diuretic and a mood-enhancer. In ancient Chinese medicine, it was used for a variety of liver, kidney, and cardiovascular diseases. Indians used it as a diuretic, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. Tribulus terrestris is a testosterone enhancer. More recently, eastern European athletes have used it to improve strength and stamina. The Chinese have used Tribulus for over 400 years! Tribulus is Nature's master hormone regulator and has been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of health problems including loss of libido (sex drive), impotence, infertility, edema, liver, kidney and heart problems, and more.

Tribulus Terrestris Uses & Scientific Evidence For
Tribulus terrestris has been used in Europe as a treatment for impotence and as a stimulant to help enhance sexual drive and performance. Studies have also shown some evidence that this potent herb raises testosterone levels. It works differently than prohormones, such as Androstenedione and DHEA, because it is a natural stimulant of LH, a luteinizing hormone, which helps sustain your body’s normal testosterone levels. Clinical studies found Tribulus Terrestris increased sperm production and testosterone levels in men. Among women, Tribulus Terrestris was found to increase the concentration of hormones, with testosterone being very slightly influenced, thus improving reproductive function, libido, and ovulation. Tribulus also has a stimulating effect on the liver, helping to convert fats and cholesterol to hormones that results in energy. The increase in testosterone levels promotes a positive nitrogen balance which allows for faster recuperation and recovery from muscular exertion and stress.


Blue Coyote Mega Herb Sampler

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Contains: • 1 oz. Catnip • 1 oz. Calamus Root • 1 oz. Celandine • 1 oz. Coltsfoot • 1 oz. Damiana • 1 oz. Hops Flowers • 1 oz. Kava Kava • 1 oz. Lavender Flower • 1 oz. Licorice Root • 1 oz. Lobelia leaf • 1 oz. Marjoram leaf • 1 oz. Motherwort • 1 oz. Mugwort • 1 oz. Mullen Leaf • 1 oz. Nettle Leaf • 1 oz. Passion Flower • 1 oz. Peppermint Leaf • 1 oz. Pot Marigold • 1 oz. Sassafras Root Bark • 1 oz. Scullcap • 1 oz. Spearmint • 1 oz. St. John's Wort • 1 oz. Tribulus Terrestris • 1 oz. Uva-ursi • 1 oz. Wormwood • 1 oz. Wood betony leaf • 1 oz. Yerba santa leaf
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